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Counting our Blessings in Christ

Here are a couple of resources to help get you going in counting your blessings as a Christian...

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Arise Campaign Launch

Redeemer launched a new initiative today to prepare for the future. It is called 'Arise'. Listen to the audio of the presentation here!...

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Growing Ministry & Growing Needs


RUF CNU is a growing ministry with more alumni, students, student leaders, more members of the Lee family and more supporters of the ministry! But... with a growing ministry there comes a growing need for more financial support! We could use your help! Alisha and I love this ministry and our students so much that we chose to move even closer to them this summer. We moved ...

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Being Thankful ~ by Matt Chase


BEING THANKFUL As Carly and I reflect today on so many things we're thankful for, one is you. God has blessed us tremendously through your prayers, your financial support, your encouragement and so much more. There is no way we could ever repay you for the grace we've received because of your love and sacrifice. We are humbled that we get to share the gospel in a country ...

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Stop Hunger Now Pictures!

Looking for pictures of Stop Hunger Now? Look no further.........

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Dr. Horner Bible Reading Plan

Here is the bible reading plan I talked about where you are reading through the bible plan in 10 places simultaneously! ...

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Sermon Discussion Questions for this Week are here! Luke 12:13-21

Here are the sermon discussion questions for Luke 12:13-21. Grab a spouse, child, friend or group and a cup of coffee and talk about them!...

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Sermon Discussion Questions for Luke 12:1-12

Here are the discussion questions for Luke 12:1-12!...

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1 Cor 15:1-26 Sermon Discussion Questions Posted

Here is a link to the discussion questions for 1 Cor 15:1-26!...

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luke 11.37-54 Discussion Questions Posted

Here are the Sermon Discussion Questions for Luke 11:37-54...

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