Cherokee Trip Update 1

After a 9-hour drive we arrived at the camp, greeted by the warm and welcoming camp staff as well as a delicious meal of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and peach cobbler.  Once we ate our fill, surveyed the cabins, and settled in, the group gathered in the community building at the bottom of the hill.


One of the cabins at Cherokee  

Scott Hill, the pastor of the PCA church plant in Cherokee, Grace Community Church, led us in prayer.  He proceeded to introduce us to Norman, the leader of the soccer team in the Boys and Girls Club.  The main request from our missionary team leader was prayer.  Here are the prayer requests he listed:

SAM_0772.JPG- Pray for the new church plant to be able to serve communion.
- Pray for more interns, especially those with musical gifts for the worship team.
- Pray that the church building and the number of members continues to expand.
- Pray that we as missionaries are able to show the love of Christ in the community and also towards each other.

This group of 111 missionaries is the fifth missionary group to arrive at this camp in 2018! Furthermore, most of the attendees to Grace Community Church are having the gospel preached to them for the first time.  Seven churches in all have come together to minister to the Cherokee people.  With these many hands and hearts, we have a wonderful opportunity to touch many lives.  Pastor Hill then read us Philippians Chapter 2,  which spoke of humbling oneself to serve others just like Jesus did.  This mission is not so much about each person individually, but we all have the same goal as ambassadors of Christ which is to deliver the Gospel.


Please pray for us as we endeavor to forge new relationships with the Cherokee people and with each other. And finally, thank you so much for your support as we embark on this exciting journey in Cherokee, North Carolina.

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