Cherokee Trip Update 3

Monday:  Mr. Lenix opened us up with morning devotions further in Luke chapter 10.  He touched on the conversation between Martha and Jesus and emphasized the importance of caring for one’s neighbor.  Once devotionals finished, we raced off to our posts. 

The first day of soccer camp was extremely exciting.  Even though it was close to scorching, the kids kept wonderful attitudes and worked diligently to learn the basics of soccer. By the end of the first session, the kids were elated to find out we would join them for lunch.  During lunch, the team leaders had a chance to further bond with the kids and new relationships were forged.  I didn’t want lunch hour to end.

Should We Get In All the Way_.JPGSoccer camp ended and Redeemer VB and Atlanta partied by the riverside from 1-4.  The water was freezing but it was welcome relief from the summer heat.  During this time, the kids played “Hide and Go Seek / Tag” in the bamboo forest adjacent to the river.   We returned around four and I assisted the Science team with prepping for the next day.For Science!.JPG
I See You!.JPG

Cherokee Play.JPGAs the day drew to a close, I joined a large portion of Redeemer VB in a viewing of “Unto The Hills”, a cultural history play for the Cherokee people.  The play was riveting and engaging; however, the Gospel was portrayed as connected to disingenuous people which had me worried by the end of the production.  We got back around 10:40 PM which is why I ran out of time to give this day its own blog post.
Tuesday:  I followed the science camp crew to the Boys and Girls club and helped them set up the Rube Goldberg project for the kids.  When the kids arrived, the first order of business involved giving them a delicious snack of pretzels and fruit along with a story from the vigilant and talented Barry Durham! The Ever Vidgelent Mr. Barry.JPG He narrated the story of Nebuchadnezzar as a few of the kids acted it out.  Afterwards, the kids had a complete blast assembling Rube Goldberg slides for the marbles we brought.  The resulting creations were extremely impressive for 6 and 7 year olds!  During lunch I was reunited with a few of the kids from Monday’s morning soccer camp.  Apparently the morning was hotter than usual and the kids had really pulled together.  The team leaders began handing out rewards to the kids for great character.  Presently Coach Kary stood up and exclaimed they would be giving out a new kind of award for the first time.  Apparently, one of the teachers from the Boys and Girls club, Carol, exhibited expert skill and endurance as she played and encouraged the kids.  Carol teared up as Coach Kary handed her the symbolic soccer ball of thanks.
At evening soccer, the Redeemer team remained strong against impending exhaustion.  The competition was thick as the kids scrimmaged.  Goals were scored, wars were won and lost.  Vengeance was plotted.  In the end it was simply a ton of fun.  Even though it started sprinkling near the end, Paster Carlos gave an introductory concept talk about how the love of Jesus is what will fill one’s heart.  Afterwards, the kids went home sweaty and excited to come back tomorrow.  All in all a wonderful couple of days!!!
Prepping for Soccer.JPG
Prepping for soccer
Evening Soccer Camp Warmups.JPG
Soccer Warmups.JPG
Soccer warm-ups
So Many....JPG

Prayer requests:

Pray for the future of Cherokee Missioning.  Pastor Hill informed us during dinner that he plans to create a non-profit organization in hopes of sharing the Gospel with the Cherokee people.
Pray for the weather so that the camps and conversations with the kids will go smoothly without rain or too much heat.
Pray that nobody receives any injuries and we all maintain endurance through the rest of the week.
Pray for continued unity among the members of the missions group.
Pray for the kids to understand the Gospel which is being shared to them.  Pray that they would not only hear it, but absorb it and begin to realize what it means for their lives.
UPDATE Wednesday afternoon: Pray for Coach Trish from Redeemer South who sprained her ankle.
Dramatic Carlos on Hoverboard with Sunset.JPG

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