Redeemer Beach Day

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June 24, 2017

1:00pm – 5:30pm

Category: Everyone

Where: 81st Street, Oceanfront

When: 1pm-5pm. It may be a smaller turnout as many families are out of town this weekend

  • We’re going very informal and the food and drink arrangements are that everyone brings their own.
  • Barbara is out of town and her husband Michael may be around. They’ve offered the use of their restroom for anyone who needs it during this time (107 81st Street)
  • The Moen family should be down there for most of the time but have to run some kids back and forth a little.
  • Anyone who’s coming is welcome to call my cell (757-373-9325) to coordinate or help find us.
  • Any RSVPs (to of those planning to join are helpful so we can be looking out for you.

Mike Moen


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